top cap tracker

$125 USD

Covert bicycle GPS tracker hidden inside a bicycle steerer tube
Notifies you by SMS if your bicycle moves Live online tracking
Pre-pay SIM card included (no contract required) and unlimited online tracking at an ongoing cost of $4.50 USD per month
Lightweight, large battery and waterproof
Securely fastened with anti-theft key
Your bicycle must have an “Aheadset” in order for this device to fit. More details are here.

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1. Arm the tracker with your keyring

Arm the tracker when you lock your bicycle.

2. A thief steals your bicycle

spybike is disguised to look like a normal top cap so the thief is unaware of its presence.

3. spybike sends you an SMS message

spybike contains a motion sensor. When it detects prolonged motion it will wake up and send you an SMS message so you know your bicycle is moving.

4. spybike begins tracking

Your bicycle's journey will be tracked and stored in our database. You can follow along on your computer or mobile phone.

Technical Spec

– Quad band GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
– GPS Position Accuracy 5m - 25m
– Hot start 1sec, average
– Cold start 36sec, average
– Fallback GSM position (approx 200m accuracy)
– Vibration Sensor
– Voltage 3.7V (Lithium Ion rechargeable)
– Comes with USB charger
– Average Current When stand-by < 17 microamp
– The device is completely configured by SMS text message.
– Live tracking via GPRS


spybike top cap tracker at a glance

Free Online Tracking Service

Should your bicycle be stolen, this vibration activated tracker will begin uploading its coordinates to our free online service. You can log into the Tracking page and see where your bicycle was taken.

Cheap to run

The tracker comes with a global prepay SIM. You can buy credit for that SIM card on our website at a cost of USD $4.50 per month. This includes 10 free SMS notifications and unlimited data traffic and emails. No contracts! You can also use your own SIM if you wish.


The tracker contains a rechargeable lithium battery and comes with a charging cable. The tracker can go for months between charges so long as you remember to disarm the tracker before riding your bike.

Vibration armed

When you lock your bicycle up, you can arm the tracker with your arming keyring. Should the bicycle then detect movement, it will send you an SMS to alert you. It will then automatically start uploading its position. You can then logon and track your bike.

GSM fallback

Should your bicycle be inside a building it may not be able to obtain a GPS lock. In this case it will fall back to GSM positioning. This is less accurate but will give you an indication of where your bicycle is until it can obtain a better lock.


The top cap tracker is housed in [ ]. If you are concerned at adding extra weight to your bicycle, you needn’t be. The top cap tracker weighs just 69 grams.


Initial configuration is done by sending the tracker SMS text messages. Once installed, you should not need to send your tracker SMS messages again. It is activated using blue-toot pairing.


All of our products are covered by a 12 months manufacturer’s warranty in case of defects and a 30 day refund policy in case your tracker does not meet your requirements for any reason.


Your bicycle must have an “AHeadset” in order for the top cap tracker to fit inside the steerer tube. The top cap tracker has a diameter of 23.5mm which fits steel, aluminium and most carbon fibre steerers. Your steerer must be minimum of 250mm long.

Frequently asked question

Will the top cap tracker work in my country?
All spybike products will work anywhere in the world there is a 2G GSM mobile network. It contains a quad-band GSM modem which means is will work in any 2G GSM network (including the USA). Link to wiki pages detailing supported countries.

But my SIM card is 3G. Will it work on my network?
Most networks are 3G+2G. There are some 3G-only networks but these are rare. Most of the main networks support 2G. If you use our SIM card that is supplied with the tracker then it can connect to multiple networks in most countries meaning you get better coverage.

What is the on-going monthly cost and how is it paid?
The tracker needs a SIM card so it can upload positions during tracking and send you warning SMS messages. We supply a global SIM card on a prepay basis for $4.50 / months (approx. $5.00) that comes with the tracker. We recommend our SIM card since it is easier to configure, connects to multiple networks (better reception) and you can top it up online on our website. Since it is prepay you can buy as many or few months as you like (ie. You can protect your bike over summer if you wish). You can also use your own SIM card in which case there is no further charge.

What does the on-going monthly cost include?
The $4.50 a month includes 10 free SMS notifications, and unlimited data traffic and emails. This is more than sufficient for the use of your top cap tracker as an anti-theft device, since it does not send an SMS each time it uploads its coordinates to our database. This ONLY applies if you use our SIM card that comes with the tracker. If you choose to use your own SIM card then you will need to pay for this with your network provider.

Can I use my spybike top cap tracker to track my bicycle rides?
In theory, yes you can use the top cap tracker to trace your routes when cycling, but you should be mindful that the battery would need charging much more regularly than if it was solely being used as an anti-theft device.

Do you deliver to my country?
Yes – we deliver anywhere in the world. Shipping is a flat rate fee of $8 USD so the shipping cost is the same for any country.

Who typically uses Spybike devices?
We have a good mix of customers, both consumers and law enforcement agencies using the Spybike products. Often consumers come to us when they have had a bicycle stolen in the past and are keen to be able to do something proactive should it happen again. Spybike products have also been used by various law enforcement agencies throughout the world. We have received excellent feedback over the years.

Will the top cap tracker fit my bike?
The top cap tracker will fit bicycle with a standard 1 1/8 inch head tube. The head tube must be at least 250mm long. Most steel and aluminium head tubes are fine. Some carbon fibre tubes may be too tight due to the thicker carbon fibre walls.

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top cap tracker

$125 USD

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